Financial Machines was founded by and is operated by experienced traders, asset operators, and data scientists.

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Experience + Knowledge: We understand commodity markets, risk management and asset management intimately. We have decades of experience from a ring-side seat at every major market event. We apply that knowledge in the delivery of actionable analysis.

Data driven analysis: We love data. We endeavor to set aside our biases and let the data tell the story. We prioritize data that tells us what can be and stay out of the realm what should be.

Action: We deliver actionable information and analysis. We complement other consultants who focus on economic models and/or fundamentally driven models, and provided pragmatic, real-world driven analysis.

Partnership: We like sharing in the risk and the success of our clients. We seek engagements that create opportunities to work with our customers as partners in a model that is part success fee.

Transparency: Honesty and transparency are the foundation of our existence. We do not trade or take active positions. We may hold passive positions resulting from success fees and will disclose those

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